Our Vision

Blueedge is an independant Third Party Marketer. We act as a Long Term Strategic Partner of Investment Managers. We advise asset managers and help them to strengthen their positioning, their brand and raise assets besides Professional and Qualified investors across Europe.

We have the strong conviction that there are a select group of asset managers who are able to generate alpha in a consistent manner. For us, the Long Term approach, may it be undervalued nowadays, is the most important factor to partner with an asset manager and to deal with Qualified clients.

A Long Term view doesn't lie in terms of true performance delivery or relationships and help to strengthen the links between clients and managers.

Our Mission

Our mission with strong conviction asset managers and help is to design long term partnership them to meet their ambitious objectives.

We spent time to analyze and understand their investment philosophy and process, to truly understand their DNA and to challenge them with a Due Diligence in situ.

But more importantly, we truly want to partner with people we are proud to represent over the Long Term. That’s the reason why, besides all the quantitative filters we put in place, we give as much importance as the “Intuitu Personae” when selecting future partner.

We , then, help our partners to improve their positioning and to optimize their marketing and commercial strategy to raise long term assets besides Qualified investors.

The ability to work hard for days on end without losing focus is a talent. The ability to keep absorbing new information after many hours of study is a talent

- Garry Kasparov

Our Values


We believe in hard work and we are delighted to work hard everyday for the things, people and values we believe in. We are committed to succeed and fully aligned in terms of objectives.


We are professionals in finance and asset management but above all we are friendly people with a lot of humor. And we have built trustee relationships with many customers for over 20 years; "Intuitu Personae" is very important to us in the long run.


Transparency is a “sine qua none” condition to perform in our daily jobs. Asking for feedbacks and receiving them whereas they are good one or bad one should only help us to pause, think and improve our methods, marketing or ourselves. For us, transparency means humility, active listening, willingness to face reality and to improve.


Continuous improvement is a motto in our life, a fundamental need and a way to perform in a complex and changing environment. We keep on being proud of living a life of sense and ambitions through continuous improvement.

Our Benefits


  • A direct access to a broad number of key
  • Qualified investors
  • Door opener
  • Real Strategic Long Term partnership
  • Strong Expertise and Experience
  • Interest fully aligned – No overlap
  • A limited number of strategic partnerships
  • Think 360° and positively challenge
  • High degree of confidentiality
  • Ability to optimize your positioning and your sale story
  • Strong Reputation
  • Advisor for the marketing and sales process
  • Advisor for the due diligence process
  • Ensure the follow-up of clients relationships


  • Present new investment solutions and talented investment managers
  • Facilitate meetings
  • 1st level of Due Diligence
  • Subscription Process
  • Long Term Follow Up
  • Reporting

Contact Us

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